Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.

– Thomas Merton

Support Groups

As adults, we can become good stewards of our wellbeing versus relying on others to be responsible for our own happiness. We are body-mind-spirit, an integrated whole, and we are part of something greater that is already in us and for us.

As a participant in Life, when we take the time to be present, we can come in touch a Great Peace and cultivate a sense of belonging and security. In body-mind-spirit we can sense into a felt knowing that we are beloved and matter in equal proportion to another. Over time we will be able to stand in solidarity and in community, interrelated with others, nature, and the whole universe.

When we live in the past, dwelling on what happened, we invite depression. When we live in the future, ruminating on what might happen, we invite anxiety. When we live more intentionally in the present, we can release control of outcomes and trust in what is unfolding without judging it as good or bad.

With patience, we will notice the choices we can make that consider ourselves and others. Our outside circumstances may not change, but how we feel about them will change in time as we set healthier boundaries, advocate for our needs, take responsibility for our emotional reactions, and seek harmony within our own being.

If this matters to you, if there is a desire to be more calm, clear, connected, creative, courageous, confident, and compassionate, then this support group is for you. Give yourself this gift to carve and strengthen a neuro pathway toward wholehearted living.

Upcoming Support Groups

A Women’s Support Group:
Journey into Wholehearted Living