Guided Focusing


I believe at the core of every human being lies dormant the true essence of who we are. As spiritual mystics say, it is when we pause to turn inwardly, not outwardly, that we are part of something larger, eternal, and unchanging. Some refer to it as a direct sense of God, the Universe, the Creator, Nature, Mother Earth, the Divine… To access this living water within, we must begin a pilgrimage of self-discovery into the interior wilderness of our soul to find the true essence of who we are. In finding our True Self, we are awaking to a direct experience of an unconditional loving life source that is holding creation, and we are its Beloved. Focusing offers a way to be present to our own humanity, the loving life source already working in and through us, and the tension in between.

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Saving Grace

Through a guided meditative Focusing session, you will learn how to attend to the parts of you that may be hurt, worried, confused, or disappointed. Or maybe something in you that feels hope, joy, gratitude, harmony, or a sureness. You will learn to trust that what you feel on the inside is with benign intent and allow it to be as it is. When you are open, raw, and honest, and space is given to the parts of you that need to speak out and be heard without any agenda to fix or change them, a Divine presence is there, too. This is where you meet the Divine, in a sacred space of the human condition and the Divine as your felt sense draws you to Love.

It is a privilege to witness one’s wonder and surprise when they are touched by a saving grace and find themselves a step closer to finding their True Self.

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Focusing is a doorway to transformation and liberation from the confines of small ideas, from the chains of what other people think, from the emotional cages of shame, guilt, and fear, from the imprisonment of inadequacy and doubt, to discover the true essence of who we are.

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Begin your Journey

I offer 55-minute guided meditative Focusing sessions for a fee of $115 per session. Although I do not offer a sliding scale per se, I will gladly discuss and adjust my fee as reasonable.

For those who live in or near Edmonds, Washington, I offer an in-person option, otherwise, worldwide using a virtual online platform.

Please contact me at or (425) 589-8968 to schedule an appointment or a gratis 15-minute consultation.

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