Love flows from God into humanity
Like a bird
Who rivers the air
Without moving her wings…


There is more to life than striving to meet or control the demands placed on us from work, family, and the community we live in.

We human beings have the ability to access a greater awareness that goes beyond our own sense of control to trusting in a life process that holds us in the letting go of control - a Love, Light, Mystery, Wisdom, Wonder. I call it spirituality, a connection to the Divine, to an unconditional loving source that is holding creation, and we are its Beloved.

We all have within us this capacity for wonder, this ability to break the bonds of ordinary awareness and sense that though our lives are fleeting and transitory, we are part of something larger, eternal and unchanging.

- Philip Simmons

For me, the Focusing process, turning inward to the felt sense of my body, connects me to the Divine – a radiant compassion and mercy that I express in tears. These tears are my response to the Divine that swells up from an overflowing sense of gratitude and appreciation for the Divine love and mercy that I feel. Words cannot really capture the magnitude of what I experience in my body. The felt sense of it seems to be at a molecular level and affects every cell within.

The Divine is my life source, and joined with Christ and him with me, I am connected to warmth, security, and a deep knowing that I am unconditionally loved and that I matter. I, just myself, foibles and all, created by God, am good. This goodness is in direct proportion to others, a felt knowing that I am precious and a grain of sand among all who are uniquely precious, not lesser, not greater.

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If you have a desire to experience something like this, I offer individual guided Focusing sessions and group workshops that assist you in turning inward to the felt sense of your body, to an unfolding process that breaks the bonds of ordinary awareness. The felt sense resonates in the body as the right way forward, extremely precise and exact to your life, as if it already knows you.

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