Our lives are as intricately interwoven as nerve cells in the mind of a great being. Rest in the Great Peace. Out of it we can act, we can dare anything. Let every encounter be a homecoming to our true nature.
– Joanna Macy

Women’s Support Group:
Journey into Wholehearted Living

Welcome to our women's support group, where we integrate mind-body-heart awareness to foster inner safety and belonging.

Grounded in science and contemplative wisdom, we explore our true selves and cultivate a secure Self-in-Presence relationship. Guided by Deirdre Fay's book, "Becoming Safely Embodied," we learn skills to organize our mind, body, and heart, embracing our innate wisdom and interconnectedness with the world.

This nurturing space encourages self-expression, emotional healing, and personal growth. Join us to journey together, share experiences without judgment, and extend compassion. Discover the power of a supportive community, and cultivate an authentic, wholehearted life. Embark on a transformational voyage of self-discovery, forging connections, and awakening your true nature within just for women.

In the women's support group, participants will learn to:

  • Begin healing from the inside out to flourish as their unique and interdependent Self.
  • Cultivate mind-body-heart inner awareness.
  • Practice grounding and notice the felt sense of the Great Peace within them.
  • Develop the capacity to be present in their body in all its dimensions.
  • Recognize and regulate emotions in healthy ways.
  • Cultivate the patience to listen to their basic unmet needs and nourish themselves with empathy and compassion.


Date & Time: Wednesdays, January 10 – April 17, 2024, 4:30-6:30 pm (Pacific Coast Time)

Number of Sessions: 15

Location: Virtual sessions via SimplePractice

Number of Participants: 6-8 (open to participants cross-country and internationally)

Fee: $750 (payment in full is due at registration, or contact me to pay in installments)

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If you are interested in living differently and finding your true self…this is the group for that!
Leslie is knowledgeable about the skills being taught in the book. She is a very gentle and patient guide, which is helpful in learning these new skills. She builds a trusting rapport which helped let me open up.

~ Attendee Fall 2022

The group enabled an understanding of how I react and the steps I can take to make better and more conscious decisions, leading to a more peaceful and deliberate life.
I think the Becoming Safely Embodied skills would be good for anyone who wants to improve their daily life and understand their feelings, emotions, and actions on autopilot. The multi-step approach that included reading, discussing, and applying the skills with experiential exercises within the group helped me to understand and incorporate them into my daily thoughts.

~ Attendee Fall 2022

I wholeheartedly recommend this group to others struggling with emotions that ambush them from time to time. Loved it! I now have more tools!
I’ve often tried to squelch my own strong emotions, and have been ashamed of expressing them, so sometimes it’s a challenge to identify and accept my feelings. This group was a course in one way of thinking about trauma, providing tools for helping us handle strong emotions when they arise. Having the chance to “practice” what we learned in the group is another very helpful feature.

~ Attendee Fall 2022

I definitely recommend a group like this! I understand myself better and my reactions. I feel I communicate better and am more honest with sharing my feelings.
I was very satisfied with the group course and Leslie’s knowledge. She helped break the material down and led us into discussions that helped me put the skills into practice. Hearing from the other participants, both what they shared as well as how they perceived the questions, lead to a lot of insights for me and them.

~ Attendee Fall 2022

It was a safe space to acknowledge and tap into our deep emotional trauma, with instruction focused on the content of “Becoming Safely Embodied.”
I found it helpful having the space to swap vulnerable stories/experiences with other folks who had similar goals in the way of emotional and mental health awareness. The quality of instruction was great, and the facilitator clearly understands the area.

~ Attendee Fall 2022

I thought Leslie was very knowledgeable and a wonderful facilitator. She was able to answer all our questions. In some cases, using examples from her own life to help clarify
I would recommend this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves. It really has been life-changing. How our past experiences influence how we respond in the present. The book taught us skills to help make changes starting with baby steps.

~ Attendee Spring 2023

I feel at ease and confident with Leslie’s leadership & guidance. She leads with grace & gentleness; serves as the leader while also encouraging us as a disciple on the same path.
If you are interested in exploring a new way to relate to yourself and others, to feel supported in the community, and you are wanting to develop trust & understanding of yourself, this group serves as a source of guidance on that path.

~ Attendee Spring 2023

I am already recommending it to some of my friends that have postpartum or other personal trauma. It provides tools to promote your own well-being, healing, and feeling of value in this world.
I appreciated the meditation prior to each session to remind me of the best practices I can implement on my own. I liked the slides with bullet-point reminders of the themes. I need reminders of what I read because I usually will finish a chapter in the book and forget some of the key points.

~ Attendee Spring 2023

I think Leslie does a great job of making everyone feel safe and comfortable. I was extremely satisfied with the instruction. I never felt like I was being pushed too hard or fast
I enjoyed the group sharing. I liked taking turns to open up about each lesson, and sometimes being asked to share. I enjoyed doing the practices together during group because I would tell myself, ‘I will complete an exercise,’ but then I wouldn’t do it.

~ Attendee Spring 2023