Contemplative Workshop

A Spa Day for the Soul

This is an opportunity for us to go deeper in contemplation and be with our inner world, an internal system of parts. Sometimes our parts become roadblocks, keeping us stuck in habitual patterns that prevent us from seeing our true selves in Christ. For whatever reason, our journey inward requires muddling through and shedding the overlying layers of pretense, superficiality, contradictions, and the painful places of inner criticism and self-rejection to discover we are Christ’s beloved.

This is a day to heal the painful places in our hearts and souls.

We will learn how to navigate the overlying layers that guard, protect, and maybe even discourage our pursuit of freedom in Christ. You will learn how to love the unloveable parts and listen for Holy Spirit, the Living truth. It is through empathy and compassion that unloveable parts are integrated into wholeness and reveal our true selves in Christ.

In this workshop, you will:


Date & Time: Saturday, February 20, 2021
(including an hour break for lunch)
Location: SVA Church in the Connections Café
Number of Participants: 8
Fee: $85