Recovery from Betrayal Workshop:

An Inner Process of Reconciliation & Forgiveness

Regardless of where you are in your relationship with the partner who betrayed you, whether you are together, married, separated, or divorced, you face the task of recovery, an inner process of reconciliation and forgiveness.

This is an opportunity to learn about our internal family system of parts, “subpersonalities of our egos,” that try to control our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as others. Many times, our parts become roadblocks; they keep us stuck in habitual patterns and prevent us from seeing our authentic or true Self that is already loveable. For whatever reason, our journey inward requires muddling through and shedding the overlying layers of pretense, superficiality, contradictions, and the painful places of inner criticism and self-rejection to discover our innate goodness and accept our humanity.

We will learn about parts that guard, protect, criticize, comply, hide, and even discourage one’s pursuit of freedom and authenticity. We will learn how to love the unlovable parts and listen for the underlying wisdom they hold that can lead us to wholeness. Interestingly, it is through empathy and compassion that unlovable parts are integrated into our wholeness and reveal our authentic or true Self.

In this workshop, you will:


Date & Time: Saturday, June 19 2021, 9:45am-4pm
(including an hour break for lunch)
Location: Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church Connections Café, Fall City
Number of Participants: 8
Fee: $125 (Snacks & Lunch provided)


"It was a helpful way to grow emotionally and continue the journey to my true self and understanding who I am."

- Attendee

"It was a day of self-awareness. A gift of time to spend on understanding my true self. I had several “aha” moments throughout the day."

- Attendee

“I think/know you are amazing!"

- Attendee

“It was a wonderful workshop; you have such a gift!"

- Attendee