Learning Focusing in a Group Setting

Fundamentals of Focusing

Workshops will teach you the fundamentals of Focusing in a group setting. You will learn how to be present to your own inner process, listening in stillness with empathy and compassion to all that is there within you. The Self-in-Presence relationship mirrors the unconditional, universal love of Christ. You will learn how to companion another person, safely holding presence for your companion’s inner process to unfold.

Going Deeper

In my experience, Focusing with a companion allows one’s inner process to go more deeply into an unfolding and evolving process. The companion is attuned, present, and reflects back to the Focuser key phrases, sensations, images revealed by their felt sense. These reflections provide the opportunity for deeper resonating and attunement to what is exact and precise to a Focuser’s unfolding process.

Healthcare Professionals

Focusing is an asset for healthcare professionals. It can be integrated into any modality of healing. Focusing unites you with the Divine. What springs forth is a greater appreciation for the body as a living organism, an instrument that can sense and attune to this dwelling place of the Divine within you. What flows is a greater sensitivity to nature, to the world, to life, and to others. With steady practice, your spiritual eyes, ears, and touch will allow you to see, hear and feel beyond the physical. As you learn to trust your felt sense, you will be more attuned to an inner wisdom and intuition about the person you are treating, whether it is through touch, mental and emotional health therapy, or spiritual direction.

Workshops & Classes

Guided Meditative Prayer