Individual Guided Focusing Sessions


As the mystics say, we need to go down into our interior, not up towards heaven, in order to find the Divine. To access the Living Water within us, we begin a pilgrimage of self-discovery into the interior wilderness of our soul to find the true seeds of self. In finding ourselves, we find the Divine, a cosmic, universal connection to something more than who we are. Focusing offers a way to be present to our own humanity and the Divine, and the tension in between.

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Saving Grace

Through a guided Focusing session, you attend to the parts of you that may be hurt, worried, confused, disappointed, or frustrated; nothing viewed as negative, it is as is. When you are open, raw, and honest, and space is given to the parts of you that need to speak out and just be heard without any agenda to fix or change them, the Divine is there, too. This is where you meet the Divine, in a sacred space of the human condition and Divine presence as your felt sense draws you to Love.

It is a privilege to witness one’s wonder and surprise when they are touched by a saving Grace and find themselves a step closer to a new identity.

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Focusing is a doorway to transformation and liberation from the confines of small ideas, from the chains of what other people think, from the emotional cages of shame, guilt, and fear, from the prison of inadequacy and doubt, to discover who you truly are through an intimate relationship with the Divine.

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I offer 55-minute individual guided Focusing sessions into your own inner process for a fee of $85 per session.

You may call (425) 589-8968 to make an appointment for an in-person or video conference session.

Payment is due prior to each session and is payable via cash, credit or debit card with PayPal or check made payable to Narrative Landscapes, LLC.

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